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Odessa, Officetower

In a prime location in Odessa, on the Bolschaja Arnautskajastrasse, there is a 12-storey office tower and around 8,500m² floor space. TC acted as a broker when this property was sold to an Austrian investor. The building underwent substantial refurbishment and revitalisation.

The city of Odessa is the administrative centre of the region of Odessa with more than one million inhabitants. Odessa is surrounded by the most important industry and trading centres Illyichevsk and Yuzhny.

Odessa is one of the most important ports in Ukraine. Ferries link Odessa with Turkey and Greece. According to the generally valid classification parameters, the port belongs to the largest class. It is a member of the international category with active loading sales and is thus a multi-functional port.
There are road and rail links into the country to Galicia, Podolia and Moldavia and also to the capital city Kiev. Odessa's infrastructure also includes rail, road and air.

Odessa is one of the most important centres in Ukraine. In addition to its large port, the city has a diverse industry, is a holiday location with a high entertainment value, well-established transport networks and a well-developed finance and social infrastructure. Odessa is primarily concerned with international transport and export.

In Odessa, there is the Ukrainian national bank, more than 30 trading banks including branches, 27 insurance companies and their subsidiaries and a subsidiary of the Ukrainian stock exchange. In addition, more than 467 foreign capital companies have their offices in the city. Compared to other cities in Ukraine, Odessa has promoted economic development substantially earlier and today has considerable trade results to show for it.