TerraConsult GmbH
Nördliches Schlossrondell 10
80638 Munich, Germany
Phone +49 (0)89 24 29 43 33
Fax +49 (0)89 24 29 43 34

Managing Director:
Alexander Kaufmann
VAT No. 221 511 015
Commercial register No. 151397


Via the parent company, TerraConsult GmbH is a shareholder of a project corporation based in Germany which was founded under German law as limited commercial partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft) in September 2009. The statutory scope of the company is to market and operate systems in accordance with the EEG, as well as the general development of renewable energies.
The company was founded to offer the best solution for converting waste into clean local energy, with minimal emissions and almost no residues. The gasification system is revolutionary, clean, modular and scalable.

On the basis of an innovative "waste-to-energy" technology, the Energy Converter System (ECS) will strive globally for attaining a leading role in the generation of power, heat and fuels.

With our ECS we are able to master three very topical subjects of our time:
  1. Waste disposal in a clean, economical and ecological manner,
  2. generating energy at a reasonable price and
  3. the reduction of the global demand for fossil fuels.

Information to our Energy Converting Systems (ECS)
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